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Friday, 22 February 2013

Seasons Of Love - 戀愛季節 TVB 2013 14/20 HD720p English Subtitle

Chinese Title: 戀愛季節

English Title: Season of Love

Genre: Modern romance

Producer: Kwan Wing Chung (War of In-Laws, My Sister of Eternal Flower, Til Love Do Us Lie)

Production: June - August 2012

Episodes: 20

Original airing: FEB. 11 - MARCH 8, 2013 [Replacing: Inbound Troubles]


Kenneth Ma

Myolie Wu

Ron Ng

Kate Tsui

Him Law

Toby Leung

Nancy Wu

Oscar Leung

Vincent Wong

Susan Tse

William Chak

Otto Chan

Lee Yee Man

Jessie Shum

Eric Li

JJ Jia

Iva Law

Jack Hui

Mark Kwok

Ben Wong (narrator)


A private detective (Kenneth Ma) goes through an overlap of love stories, each accompanying the unique atmosphere of the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) and brings out different views on love, human nature and life. Total: 4 stories, narrated by Ben Wong.

Spring Story (EPS 01-05)

LAM CHUEN FAN (Toby Leung) coincidentally by fate, met popular singer SZE SAN's (Him Law) driver. All along, FAN's impression on SAN was that he's just a playboy always on the tabloid magazine headlines, but when the two spent more time together, feelings developed. FAN eventually realized SAN actually had his own inner world and a practical character. Because of one filming opportunity, the two fall in love, but FAN discovers SAN's manager arranged all of this to happen. A first love that came late, unfortunately ends instantly... (aZnangel)

Summer Story (EPS 06-10)

Golden TV producer HA CHI YAN (Kate Tsui) got strong attacks from society after she produced a female TV show. To win her momentum back, she decides to be the female lead of her new reality TV show. The show is about searching for love and focuses on a group of men pursuing one woman. Because of this new TV show, she suddenly encounters her ex-boyfriend NG CHUN KAI (Ron Ng), whom had been missing for several years. YAN wanted to take this opportunity to revenge on him, but unexpectedly as the marriage date comes closer, YAN and KAI's gap gets pulled closer and closer…(aZnangel)

Autumn Story (EPS 11-15)

Hairstylist HO CHAU SAN (Nancy Wu) and lawyer FUNG SAU MAN (Vincent Wong) work in the same building. Due to one small accident, she and MAN missed the opportunity that fate brought them. Feeling disappointed, SAN blindly accepted her colleague FONG KA WAI's (Oscar Leung) marriage proposal. After marriage, the two were constantly disputing due to difference in lifestyle and SAN suspected WAI had an extramarital affair. When the tides began changing, SAN returns to the location where the small accident occurred between her and MAN… after going through two different lives… the results are only pain and regret… (aZnangel)

Winter Story (EPS 16-20)

Private detective CHU CHO ON (Kenneth Ma) got a request from a new client YIU TUNG NEI (Myolie Wu) to investigate a more than 10 year old receipt. During his investigation, ON learns TUNG NEI's brain often flashes scattered memories of her and a man, and she has a lot of phobias -- fear of heights and sunsets. After further investigation ON discovers TUNG NEI went through serious trauma, it is very possible that her memory loss is due to this one "romance" she had. ON works really hard trying to help TUNG NEI recollect her past, but he also helped himself find a new happy relationship…(aZnangel)

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