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Monday, 26 November 2012

Ranh Giới Thiện Và Ác - Highs And Lows ( 30/30 HDTV FFVN )

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Chinese Title: 雷霆掃毒
English Title: Highs and Lows
Genre: Crime thriller, Action
Producer: Lam Chi Wah (A Pillow Case of Mystery, Tiger Cubs)
Production: February - May 2012
Notable: TVB 45th Anniversary Lighting Series
Episodes: 30


Michael Miu
Raymond Lam
Elaine Ng
Ella Koon
Kate Tsui
Ben Wong
Derek Kwok
MC Jin
Law Lok Lam
Jazz Lam
Rosanne Lui
Eileen Yeow
Kayi Cheung

As  a Senior Inspector of the Narcotics Bureau Operation Unit, HEUNG WING  (Miu Kiu Wai) profoundly abhors evil. He and WAI SAI-LOK (Raymond Lam) -  Senior Inspector of the Intelligence Unit have closely co-operated with  each other as peer mentors, frequently solving drug trafficking cases  for the Police Force. During an operation to knock down the targets,  SAI-LOK discovers clues that HEUNG WING is most likely the corrupt cop  in a collusion conspiracy with drug dealers. Apart from launching a  secret investigation into HEUNG WING, SAI-LOK is also alienated from him  by the evil-willed Chief Inspector of the Operation Unit - PUN HOK-LAI  (Ben Wong). Having undergone various disputes against each other, the  long-term brotherly relationship between SAI-LOK and HEUNG WING appears  full of contradictions.

On the other hand, following an  investigation, SAI-LOK falls in love with a snitch – CHAN KA-PIK (Kate  Tsui), who suffers from low self-esteem due to her humble beginning.  Deliberately denying her affection to SAI-LOK, KA-PIK gives up on him so  that his secret admirer - KO HEI-SUEN (Ella Koon), a rookie police  officer, can have the chance, leading to a subtle relationship among the  three. Feeling life is so dreary, KA-PIK ultimately digs her own grave  by becoming a new generation of drug dealer, involved in drug  trafficking and provoking the Police Force. With intense sorrow, SAI-LOK  then joins forces with HEUNG WING against KA-PIK, waging a chain of  bitter battles.


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