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Saturday, 6 October 2012

[Horror|Ghost] The Park/咒樂園 (2003) DVDRIP | Eng SUB

The Park (2003)

Country: Hong Kong

Language: Cantonese

Circuit: Golden Harvest

Genre: Horror

Rating: II B (Hong Kong)

Release Date: 10/23/2003

Director:Wai-keung Lau

Writers:Yiu Fai Lo, Wah-Shum Lung

Stars:Bobo Chan, Edwin Siu and Tiffany Lee

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Fourteen years ago, a little girl fell down from the terris wheel in an amusement park. She died in the incident. The park was then ordered to close down. This day, Yen and her friends step into this deserted piece of land looking for her missing brother ... Alan (Yen's brother) has been missing for 6 days. Her mother, who is an exorcist and knows how to capture spirits with a camera, believes her son must have met his death already. Yen never believes in her mom's spiritual powers. She only believes that her brothers is still alive. She makes up her mind to go to "The Park", to bring her brother home. Ken, Pinky, Shan, Dan, YY, Ka-ho and Yen enter the Park. An old watchman appears. He snapped at the crowd telling them not to enter the Park because it is haunted by ghosts. The crowd doesn't believe what the watchman said. They decide to sneak into the Park after dark. Strange things started to happen. Ka-ho is shooting with his DV. Something appeared on his screen. He followed its path towards the Haunted House. One hour later, the crowd is back at the meeting place only to find Ka-ho missing. The rest of them divide into two groups and set out to find him. Her friends died mysteriously one by one and Yen now believes the evils in the Park want to kill them all. The watchman, holding an axe in his hands, walks slowly towards Yen from behind. He tries to kill Yen when Yen's mother appears to save her. They try to capture the evil spirits with the camera but can they survive?

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