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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Own color type selection of clothes

Southerners in terms of skin color, most people need to avoid the brown line of clothing and makeup, would make it dim face more darker look emaciated. Color that suits you is not only brighten the face, it can make your skin looks very thin, very transparent, crystal texture, glossy good cheap san diego chargers jerseys, the facial features three-dimensional, clear, bright eyes, look good face tightening, gentle face, the whole person will look healthy, beautiful, energetic, and even temperament will be changed obviously. Jet-black hair, black eyes and the skin color is not white is very suitable to wear strong strong colors such as burgundy, green, gem intense blue, violet, bright yellow, if your black hair and dark eyes and white skin the formation of a strong color contrast, and your eyes are very bright to harness bright bright bright clean clean and bright colors, such as lemon yellow, bright colorful clean watermelon red, bright yellow green, light blue. A dress on the color the better with, just select the color of the dress on any one of the above as possible with a dress on a color as possible with the meaning of one color to do with all better. The Italian one color with a good. Your natural hair color, eye color and skin color among your use of color law, we call it the Deep, shallow, cold, warm, net, soft sixth type of color you decide, you pick the clothes the color of law. Deep: relatively ridden color, emphasizing the strong sense of color. Match but also highlight the gorgeous, strong effect. Only dark type Chende from dark-colored with a dark match, for example, we often see black with brown miami dolphins jerseys In addition to the dark-type people, other people of color-Do not try, do not you the image extra points. Dark-type person can wear black is beautiful. Shallow: Qing Qian color-based, with the light-colored with light-colored main, if used dark also must have a light-colored with matching go. Do not refuse because their body is too fat light-colored minnesota vikings jerseys, in fact nfl jerseys, it is because the version of the type of clothes you wear, the structure does not match your body type was fat. Was fat was thin actually shades of color is not too large. Deep and shallow color, but are with the blue background tone, cool type people basically do not have access to orange, cold: Blue, Purple, they do a good partner. Warm: stressed that all the colors are a warm yellow tone reflects the characteristics of the medium shades are cheap indianapolis colts jerseys. Net: clear contrast indianapolis colts jerseys, bright bright colors best suited, many people really can Chromic wearing nice net color. Sophie: soft and elegant medium shades of color cheap st louis rams jerseys, each color gray bottom tune minnesota vikings jerseys, is life tell Road, unknown turbid color. color the net warm type including: red? , Orange, yellow, these net warming colors can ride together. For warm-color is orange, yellow, gold. Warm-color is orange, yellow, gold. Warm-color orange the color bright, distinct contrast with the method just for net net color. Color type

Election of four of the details of the clothes for

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