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Thursday, 13 September 2012

[China ] - White Powder Girl (1995) DVD-R [Thật hay]

Year: 1995

Duration: 01:36:38

Directed by: Liang Zhang

Actors: Zhijian Chen, Chaoyin Pu, Manfang Zhu, Tianxi Zhang

Language: Chinese

Country: China

Also known as: Bai Fen Mei

Description: This film is a sort of women in prison film at times and and Hong Kong style drug film. White powder sister is about as divorced parents, the pain of a friend Zhang Ming Zhou Jian met under the instigation of triad "big brother" Xiong Jian, taking their first port under Youbi white powder, this thing, "a bitter, two sweet , three four race God, "from out of control. Zhou Jian Zeng Dan's female students because his father was forced to drop out of school drug gambling, in order to make money, they were forced to "big brother" to send -host ban--host ban--host ban--host ban--host ban-, controlled from the "big brother" when the singer in his dance, and long-term cover for the seduction to occupy her, Zhou Jian Dan lure small -host ban--host ban--host ban--host ban--host ban-, drug seizures to steal things to change, the last little Dan had to prostitution to earn the "poison" capital. Dan's father, a small drug seizures, her boss to help his father to buy -host ban--host ban--host ban--host ban--host ban- was raped. Little Dan's father and daughter compete for a package of white powder, actually unscrupulously stunned his daughter, his excessive injection drug overdose and die on the spot, Dan was captured small, due to the long-term drug addiction and died of heart failure in court.

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