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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

[China - Một Thời Hoàng Kim] - Paradise Lost Youth (2011) mHD | English Sub (Diển viên đẹp tuyệ

Also Known As: Paradise Lost Youth / Qing Chun Shi Le Yuan

Year: 2011

Country: China

Directed by: 管晓杰

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Duration: 1h 50mn

Language: Mandarin

Subtitles: Chinese (Hardcoded)


Zhao Yi Huan, Wang, Mo Xi Er, Wang Zi Tong, TIAN Xiao-day, Song Dan, Yangrui Jia


"Youth Paradise Lost" is the movie "adolescence," the sequel for. The film tells the way rain is a problem in high school girl students with the help of Wang Fei admitted to the university. In college, she met four friends the same age, five people together formed a small dance school in the beautiful combination of very highly sought after. Wang Fei is also to transfer the identity of students came to school rain process, crush Wang Fei Cheng rain success ... ... (Google Translate)

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