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Monday, 10 September 2012

[4sVN] Fearless (2012) 720p HDTV AC3 x264 - Cát Bụi Phố Hè

Fearless (2012) 720p HDTV AC3 x264 - Cát Bụi Phố Hè

1h 23mn
6658 Kbps
Scan type
1280x544 (2.35:1)
AC-3 2.0 @ 192Kbps


Early years with the plane crash claimed the lives of parents of Reese, Reese only with each other brother. Surprisingly, youth rebellion led Reese mixed with the street to become a dancer, in his brother's murder was sentenced to imprisonment to save Reese, Reese broke reflection, commitment brother repented, she come alone to a strange city to seek a new beginning .

Childhood and the beast play a big Fan Star to honor the wish of the dead girlfriend, is busy to run around. Coincidence, he met with Reese and shelter Reese. Perhaps the Lisi bohemian character and decadent form is not liked, but Reese clinging to apply for an elegant ballet school has caused the concern of the Fan-star of her.

FAN Xing gradually discovered that Reese is not imagined the kind of girl, she was tough with a lovely ruffian sex with a positive force, more importantly, Fan Star found that Lisi heart hiding a sinister secret.

Lisi for the hearts of a secret once again stepped into the street, confrontation with the surge is controlled by the evil forces of the hip-hop groups. Fan-sing on the road to help Reese suffered a rough and bumpy, and they gradually fall in love


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