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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

[HK Movie] - A Hearty Response (1988) | DVDRIP (Phim Hiếm Châu Nhuận Phát)

Year: 1986

Duration: 01:25:53

Directed by: Norman Law

Actors: Kent Cheng, Yun-Fat Chow, Paul Chun, Heung Kam Lee

Language: Cantonese (English subs)

Country: Hong Kong

Also known as: Yi gai yun tian, Kardia apo atsali

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Description: A tough detective fights for the freedom of an illegal immigrant in this action-packed Hong Kong thriller starring Chow Yun Fat. When Detective Bond accidentally harms an illegal immigrant named San during a routine police operation, his guilty conscience prompts him to invite her back to his home so that she may safely recover. Unfortunately Detective Bond's benevolent generosity is soon compromised by the simmering jealousy of his wife - who immediately assumes that her husband is having an extramarital affair with San. Later, when San is abducted and raped by a ruthless villain who attempts to extract a tidy ransom for her return, Detective Bond travels to the psychopath's hideout and sing-host ban--host ban--host ban-handedly takes on his entire gang. After subsequently realizing that they were indeed meant for one another, Detective Bond and San are forced to go their separate ways.

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