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Friday, 30 March 2012

Huyền Thoại Bạch Xà - Madam White Snake 30Tập[DVDRIP USLT]


English Title: Madam White Snake 2006

Broadcast network: CCTV

Broadcast period: 2006-May-01 start

Number of Episodes: 30

Language: US Long Tieng


Liu Tao as Bai Su Zhen (White Snake)

Pan Yue Ming as Xu Xian

Chen Zi Han as Xiao Qing (Green Snake)

Liu Xiao Feng as Fa Hai

Liu Xi Yuan (刘希媛) as Lian Qiao

Xie Ning (谢宁) as Ba Liang

Liu Jia (刘佳) as Guan Yin

Synopsis: A serpent-lady, Bai Suzhen, has a dream to be a goddess someday. The goddess Guan Yin tells her that it is going to be a long and arduous process, in which she is required to increase her virtue and to sever all forms of worldly relations. Yet, during the process, she meets the scholar Xu Xian. They fall in love and get married. This snake-human union brings them happiness and results in a daughter. However, a righteous sorcerer-monk, Fa Hai, believes that all demons should be exterminated. So, he vows to capture Suzhen and to turn her back into her original form. Xu Xian's love stays firm though Fa Hai tells him the truth. Unfortunately, since Xu Xian is a mortal man, he can't do much to protect his wife and his daughter while being caught in the conflict. His courage and determination touch the very heart of Bai Suzhen. Will Xu Xian be able to be against all odds and finally rescue Bai Suzhen? Will Bai Suzhen give up her dream of becoming a goddess?

Madame White Snake is a faithful and emotional retelling of a legendary Chinese folklore classic.



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