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Monday, 5 December 2011

Thần Y Dược Thảo - The Herbalist's Manual - USLT - 25/25 - tvb online

Frankie Lam - Li See-Jan 李時珍, Herb Doctor, Ng Mo-Yung's husband.
Michelle Ye - Dong Ching 冬青 
Kenneth Ma - Pong Hin 龐憲 
Selena Li - Ng Mo-Yung 吳慕榕, Li See-Jan's wife.
Wilson Tsui (艾威) - Li Gwoh-Jan 李果珍, Li See-Jan's brother.
Law Koon Lan (羅冠蘭) - Cheung Kiu 張嬌, Li See-Jan and Li Gwoh-Jan's mother.
Chun Wong (秦煌) - Ging Wong 荊王, Ng Mo-Yung's uncle.
Law Lok Lam (羅樂林) - Yim Sung 嚴嵩, Yim Sai-Fan's father.
Li Ka Sing (李家聲) - Yim Sai-Fan 嚴世藩, Yim Sung's son.
Felix Lok (駱應鈞) - Pong Bak-Chuen 龐百川, Pong Hin's father.
Power Chan - Dai Wong-Chi 大王子

The Herbalist's Manual (Traditional Chinese: 本草藥王) is a TVB costume drama series released overseas in May 2005 and broadcast on TVB Jade Channel in November 2005.

The series focuses on the greatest physician and pharmacologist in Chinese history, Li Shizhen (李時珍) and his herbalist manual, Bencao Gangmu.
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